Rally Planned Outside of Victoria City Hall to Save Sir John A. Macdonald Statue

A protest is being organized against the removal of Sir John A. Macdonald's statute at Victoria City Hall.1 min

protest to save sir John A macdonald

The backlash over Victoria’s decision to remove a statue of Sir John A. McDonald has reached a boiling point with citizens ready to rally to save the statue from political correctness.

The rally is an extension of BC Proud’s online campaign to save the statue which so far has included a petition, video, and graphics.

It is scheduled for this Saturday, August 11 from 12 P.M. to 1 P.M..

A press release from BC Proud states, “On Wednesday, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps shocked the public when she announced the city was tearing down the statue following months of closed-door meetings and zero public consultations.

The statue honours a Prime Minister who was instrumental in the founding of Canada, bringing British Columbia into confederation and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.”

A Facebook event page for the rally tells supporters of the statue to, “Come show your support for Canada, our history and this country’s first Prime Minister… this will be an informal gathering and everyone is welcome! (feel encouraged to bring your Canadian flags).”

Comments on BC Proud’s videos about the removal of the statue indicate a lot of passion on display.

On a video titled ‘Stop Trying to Erase Canadian History’, Marie Gallagher wrote, “there was never an issue with these statues until recently. People lived with them and accepted that fact that there are good and bad parts in the history of Canada. Then this new generation of people came along and have a problem with everything including the fact that they are either male or female. Grow up.”

Bruce Pat Nichols wrote, “Canada has become a country of bleeding heart liberals and political correctness and will have no identity left, we will just keep saying sorry and paying for events that happened 150 years that none of us had any part of.”

Sarah Evangeline replied, “How can we learn from the past to make a better future if we continue to alter it to match what we think it should reflect not what it actually was” and this was echoed by Lois Hlushak who wrote “Leave it alone. It’s our history and we can learn from it.”

What do you think?

Will the rally have its intended results? Or will the City of Victoria refuse to listen to the people?

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