42 KG of Carfentanil Found In House Of Faisal Hussain’s Brother (Enough to Kill Everyone in Canada)

Calgary RCMP intercepted the largest carfentanil bust in Canadian history.2 min

42kg of carfentanil seized in Danforth killer's brother's home

Police uncovered an alarming amount of carfentanil  and a collection of illegal weapons in Farad Hussain’s home in Pickering, Ontario. The Danforth killer’s brother has previously faced drug charges for cocaine. The June 2017 search of his home resulted in finding 42 kilograms of carfentanil laced with 17 kilograms of a cutting agent with caffeine, along with 33 illegal firearms.

Editor’s note: carfentanil is an elephant sedative and 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more powerful than standard fentanyl. It’s often laced with cocaine, which can result in people mistaking it for cocaine and has previously led to overdoses, according to a 2017 Heath Canada study.

Opioid Epidemic

On June 27th, Canadian Border Services agents intercepted a parcel from China at the Vancouver International Airport which contained 1 kg of carfentanil. The package was labeled as “printing accessories” and its recipient has been arrested and is set to appear in court October later this year.

RCMP Inspector Allan Lai disclosed the following about the carfentanil confiscation:

“One kilogram of carfentanil can produce approximately 50 million fatal doses that could’ve hit our streets,” RCMP Insp. Allan Lai said. “It is unsure as to what the use of this was going to be when it was brought into our community.”

National Security Concern

It’s alarming that such a large quantity of the lethal drug was confiscated, and there is limited information on the deaths it has caused, how it’s been smuggled or the estimated street value of the opioid.

Lai has also said :“Police are doing everything they can with our partnerships, working with Health Canada Interpol to ensure this drug does not hit our streets,…I can’t quote numbers but I can say in the last number of years throughout all provinces there has been an increase, a significant increase (in deaths linked to the drug).


“It is very serious; it’s very dangerous. The message for the public is: if you come across this, make sure you don’t touch it, don’t do anything with it.”

Canadian Border Services also stressed the dangers associated with the drug in the following posts:

Calgary Police Service Insp. Martin Schiavetta has also expressed his concern in the uncovering of such a lethal narcotic.

His cause for alarm is justified, this drug is the most deadly opioid and if its circulating the streets, then its endangering all Canadians. In the past, officers and paramedics have died after coming into contact with the toxic substance.

Terror Weapon

U.S. senior official of the Immigration and Customs Service Peter Ostrovsky, acknowledged the drug’s danger. When asked if the drug could be weaponized last fall, his response was “Could it be weaponized? Yeah, it could be weaponized.” Carfentanil could potentially be used in a terrorist attack and kill thousands. The amount uncovered in the drug bust was enough to potentially kill everyone in Canada.

Avoid all contact with the drug if encountered and immediately report to the authorities.

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