Fresh News.

A message from the Editor

Ali S. Taghva


Entrepreneur, former riding President, and Bachelors in Industrial Relations from McGill.

Who are we and what do we do?

The Nectarine exists to create and deliver amazing content that you want to read, watch and listen to.

We call this “Fresh News.”






The news media industry is highly concentrated by a few large corporations, particularly in Canada. We pride ourselves on being an independently owned and operated media company. This means that we don’t take money from any governments, or have deals with any third party corporations to push their agendas.

Producing and distributing Fresh News as efficiently as possible to as many Canadians and people across the world is our goal. We actively invest in working with the best journalists, graphic designers, videographers, and software engineers to bring independent journalism to all your devices every day.

Why “The Nectarine?”

Nectarines are delicious.

Why we do what we do

Everyone deserves access to information. In a world that is more connected and integrated than ever, it is surprisingĀ the amount of information that is covered up, never reported on, or otherwise lost that people deserve to have access to.

As an independently owned Canadian digital publisher, we feel a responsibility to report the news as it unfolds to the Canadain populous and anyone who is interested, for free.

At our core that is what we stand for. Providing important information to you that is elegantly packaged without losing or changing the story. We’ve defined this process above as Fresh News, and we will continue to produce it day in and out.

How we make money

Most news companies don’t talk about this kind of stuff or offer vague solutions at best. We believe that asking a company, especially one that produces news, how they make money is perfectly reasonable.

The Nectarine makes money by selling advertising, donations via our Patreon account, hosting events like digital publishing conferences, and operating an agency side of our business where we handle website development, organic growth, and advertising campaigns for our clients using what we have learned and continue to learn by operating in the digital publishing industry.

We have plans to launch a premium video subscription service and an e-commerce store to further diversify our revenue sources.

We hope this cleared up many of your questions about how The Nectarine makes money. If you have more questions we are always happy to answer them. Reach out to us on our contact page.

Where we are located

Our main office is located at Floor 3 – 348 Victoria Avenue Montreal, Quebec.

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